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3D Printing for Modellers

I’ve been a CAD draughtsman and also a modeller for many years and have more recently started 3D printing. I am now combining these skills on my model railway and would also like to give other fellow modellers the opportunity to buy some of my items.


This is a relatively new venture and I am always looking for new items to design and print, so if you have any suggestions or requirements then please feel free to contact me.

You will find a full list of items in various scales in the 'Items by Scale' menu above and can view the Gallery for models completed by some of my customers. 

My range/list of items is growing all the time, so be sure to keep checking the site and if there is an item that you think I should supply, then please let me know. 


Kind regards,


mostyn 7.jpg
container and bulkheads.jpg
1,16 huts.jpg
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